Work station Open Station/Closed Station

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The working area system provided by Surley mainly includes electrophoretic AUDIT, glue AUDIT, finish paint AUDIT, major rework, minor repair line, piece change room, jig exchange, weld sealing line, skirt adhesive, PVC line, ED grinding, inspection finishing, reporting line, versatile grinding line, wax injection line, drying inspection and so on.

Work Station

Two types of Station are open station and closed station in terms of the structure.
1、Open type station includes ED inspection, weld sealant, AUDIT, report and submit film, etc.
2、The closed station includes polishing room, PVC spray room, finishing room and small repair room, etc.

Main Functions

There are three main functions in the polishing coating process:
1) remove burrs and sundries on the surface of the substrate (such as floating rust, etc.)
2) to eliminate the roughness and roughness of the particles on the painted surface of the workpiece, such as scraping the surface of the putty after drying the general surface rough and uneven, these problems need to rely on grinding to obtain a smooth surface
3) enhance the adhesion of the coating coating on the smooth surface of the poor adhesion, polishing can enhance the mechanical adhesion of the coating, so polishing is very important.

Product Principle

Polishing waxing polishing

Polishing waxing polishing is to make the finish coating with soft and stable luster, so that the paint surface is more smooth, which is a means to improve the decoration of the coating, generally only in the decorative requirements of high-grade products (high-grade car piano, high-grade furniture, Musical Instruments, etc.) in the coating process In order to achieve the effect of clear paint as a mirror, waxing is also necessary after polishing, and also plays a protective role on the film, so waxing is also a means of maintaining the coating.

Spray paint sealant car paint spray

Spray paint sealant car paint spray (also called acoustic insulation slurry) is the unique process of coating processes of automobile body, only in the body of the sealing glue all welds, under the deck surface (especially round the inner surface buy) with resistance to wear resistant coatings, in order to improve the sealing and corrosion resistance of the body, improve the service life of the car's comfort and ultimately.

Product Details

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