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Short Description:

Dry spray booth with baffle plate, filter material and honeycomb filter paper and other paint mist treatment device, after the baffle or filter air can be directly discharged, the baffle plate or filter material left by the paint particles, after cleaning the baffle plate or replace the filter material directly as solid waste treatment, belongs to dangerous solid waste.

Product Description

Dry spray chamber consists of chamber body, exhaust device and paint mist treatment device.

1、The chamber body is usually a steel structure. The paint mist treatment device collects paint mist by slowing down the flow rate and increasing the chance of contact between paint mist particles and baffle plate or filter material.
2、The baffle plate is generally composed of metal plate or plastic plate, and the filter material can be paper fiber, glass fiber, honeycomb, porous curtain paper paint mist filter material and other special paint mist filter material.

Baffle plate, filter material and so on are generally set in front of the exhaust hole, and the paint mist is captured by slowing down the air flow rate, the baffle plate causes the air to suddenly change direction or the mechanical isolation effect of filter material. The size of the exhaust fan exhaust air volume, directly affect the direction and speed of the airflow in the paint booth. Because the spray chamber does not use water and other liquid media, humidity and other easy to control, the coating quality is high.

Product Details

Dry Filter Spray Booth (1)
Dry Filter Spray Booth (2)

Our Advantage

Our expertise within these areas allows us to knowledgeably advise on the correct ‘lifetime solution’ for your particular process and application.
Our dry filter spray booths are designed from the ground up to perform highly energy-efficient operations. It’s a more sustainable approach, but also it can dramatically reduce operation costs. Never compromise on quality.
Surley only make dry filter spray booths that are built with high-quality materials, for the benefits of durability and stability, reliability that you deserve for a outstanding smooth-running production line.

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