The Three-dimensional Lift Table

Short Description:

It consists of control box, cables and wires, control buttons, tank drag chains and other parts.

Product Description

There are three directions of movement, the first is the vertical and horizontal movement along the ground track, the second is the lifting movement up and down along the double column, and the third is the horizontal and horizontal telescopic movement perpendicular to the column, so as to achieve the three-dimensional movement requirements. The three-dimensional lift table produced by Jiangsu Suli Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has excellent quality and first-class after-sales service, and has won unanimous praise from customers.

Three-dimensional lift table electrical control system

It consists of control box, cables and wires, control buttons, tank drag chains and other parts.
The control box is fixed at a proper position outside the workshop, and a control button is set at a proper position on the operating platform, so that the operator can control the ascending and descending movement of the platform. The control line on the operating table is laid in the tank towline and moves with the operating table. The manual button box is firmly and reliably installed on the guardrail, and has a certain strength, which can resist external impact. The installation of electrical components in the electrical control box should be firm and reliable, easy to maintain and maintain, the device identification should be clear and firm, and both ends of all wiring should have lines consistent with the schematic diagram. No. The frame chamber body of the equipment has obvious grounding marks and binding posts, the box wiring should be provided with obvious grounding wires and PE door-crossing wires, and the operating table lifting and lowering should be provided with double-layer protection tube limits. The wiring protection pipe is made of galvanized pipe, the power supply lines of the electrical system are separated from strong and weak current, the wiring must be reasonable, there is space for heat dissipation, and maintenance is convenient, horizontal and vertical, and no cross wiring is allowed. The green wires are connected reliably. At the same time, make sure that the equipment is grounded safely.

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3D lift table (1)
3D lift table (2)
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