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Product Description

The type of the drying room in the premise of meeting the needs of the process layout should be considered to save energy consumption, reduce the temperature difference in the effective drying area of the drying room, save space and the materials, and convenient installation and transportation of equipment and the possibility of equipment retrofit in the future.
Classification of drying room in order to adapt to the needs of painting process and plane layout, auto painting drying room with many types and shapes, generally according to the use of structure shape heat source and heating method classification.

Classification by use

According to the purpose for which drying rooms are used in the automobile coating process, they can be classified by their use name e.g. moisture drying rooms for pre-treatment and post-wet polishing; Electrophoresis primer drying room; PVC coating drying room; Coating drying room topcoat drying room water-based coating drying room, etc.
Based on different uses of drying temperature requirements, drying room can be divided into low temperature and high temperature three based on different uses of the above various drying room technical requirements also have great differences.


Composition of drying room drying room by drying room entity drying room at both ends of the inlet and outlet end shell heat transfer system electric control and temperature recording system. Drying room entity (commonly known as channel) it is for dry room insulation shell in the statics should have their own loading function, can load conveying system and ventilation pipeline; In terms of thermodynamics, there should be good thermal insulation, no "thermal bridge ", and the air tightness of the inner wall is good; Easy maintenance and cleaning, can carry out quick clean installation; The entity of the expandable drying chamber is generally a tank plate structure. The drying chamber  is welded into 6M or 9m in the factory Long solid mold section, and then transported to the spot welding into baked in the chamber entity (can be arbitrarily scattered combination), this structure can ensure the above performance, and is better than the panel structure, especially the gas seal and thermal insulation performance to reach a very ideal state.

The inlet and outlet end shell at both ends of the drying room because the temperature of the effective space of the drying room is higher than the temperature of the outside and surrounding equipment, if there is no special protective measures, a lot of hot air and steam will be emitted, and there is cold air invasion in the inlet and outlet of the drying room at both ends of the protective device has the following three forms:

1)  set the lift up and down or about to open the oven door (only applicable to the intermittent drying operation)
2)  Angle type into the outlet (bridge type drying room) and vertical lift into the outlet (" "type drying room) drying room floor above into exports on the edge, the use of hot air is lighter than cold air to heat insulation
3)  in the drying room into the outlet set up air curtain interval sections For the specific structure of inlet and outlet ends of the drying chamber. Heat transfer system in the automotive manufacturing industry, most of the coating drying room is equipped with radiation heating and convection heating system two kinds of radiation heat transmission screen is the use of direct heating radiation elements (radiation elements and radiation plate heating flue gas), usually set in the drying room heating heating area, especially in the drying coating In the case of finish paint, radiation heating is used in the heating area of the dry room, which can ensure the dust-free with high requirements, and can also avoid dust convection to the maximum extent. Heat transfer is convection through circulating air, and its advantage is that if the geometry of heating is complex, the temperature distribution is very even The heating of circulating air is by electric heater or heat exchanger (generally with high temperature flue gas or steam as the heating medium) circulating fan and duct, etc., with a certain wind speed in the drying room, the typical wind speed at the outlet of the duct is (5~10)m/s.

Surley oven features

1.The modular design, easy for manufacturing and installation, shorter construction period.
2.The efficient thermal transference makes the area temperature higher than the vehicle body’s temperature, thus to make the best use of the space and decrease the running cost.
3.The maintenance is decreased due to simple and reliable design.
4. No prominence and dust-collection parts, which is easy for cleaning.
5. Increase the circulating air volume, thus to make the temperature around the vehicle uniform to ensure the sufficient baking of each part of the vehicle.

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