Conveyor System For Painting Workshop

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In the field of painting production line, the conveying system is the lifeblood of painting production, especially in the modern automobile body painting workshop, it is one of the most important key equipment, running through the entire painting production process.

Conveyor system

In the field of coating production line, conveyor system, which is the lifeblood of coating production, especially in the modern automotive body painting workshop, it is one of the most important key equipment, throughout the course of coating production delivery system not only can finish the body turns to hang and storage tasks, but also can realize coating process requirements, such as pretreatment electrophoresis drying glue In the automatic spraying coating and paint Return repair paint and spray wax process requirement of each process action by the program, such as lifting defect distance and speed, etc.), can also be installed mobile data storage body model to identify the paint color, recognition, automatic counting, according to the given instructions to proceed with production, etc. To realize the automatic painting line function Conveying equipment commonly used in painting workshop can be divided into aerial conveying system and ground conveying system from space.

There are many kinds of mechanized transportation equipment in painting workshop. It is also very important to determine the type of transport plane or trolley through the whole painting process according to the working conditions and technological requirements of each process The transfer mode should be first determined, and then according to the function of each transport plane and the characteristics of the process to determine the distance between the transport machine hook (or trolley), then can carry out a variety of process transport chain chain speed (continuous) calculation.

Product principle

Paint room should be used to do not make paint fall on the chain structure, large production line with the ground chain, in some small parts production line with catenary transport chain other functions should be determined according to the type of transport chain connected with it, the principle is to transfer or transfer the most easy for the good trolley The form and guarantee function of the sprig shall be based on the principle of no influence on operation and no re-pollution to the workpiece as far as possible.

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